TurboChemical Clean

The Power Maxed Diesel Turbo Cleaner Kit is an excellent solution for thoroughly cleansing the inside of diesel turbo systems, removing carbon deposits, and improving performance and / or reversing the limping of a heavily carbon coated turbo charger.

turbo clean

  • Clears Limp Mode
  • Protects Against Future Carbon Deposits
  • Variable Vane / Geometry Turbos Only

Directions For Use:

  1. Remove the outlet pipe from the exhaust side of the turbo charger so that there is direct access via the outlet vanes to the turbo shell
  2. Cut a suitable piece out of the Turbo Clean Card and use it to seal the turbo outlet wall. Make a hole in the card in which the Turbo Clean Tube fits exactly so that it can be placed as high as possible into the turbo charger. Use Turbo Bolts to secure the Card in place and push Turbo Clean Tube into the hole.
  3. Shake Turbo Clean Part 1 well before use. Put the spray tube on Turbo Clean Part 1 and spray approximately 25% of the can and leave for 10 minutes. Then spray the remaining content of Turbo Clean Part 1 into the turbo charger. Leave this for 45 minutes.
  4. While waiting, operate the variable geometry activating level regularly to make sure that it moves freely. This will help make the cleaning process more comprehensive and ensure that all dirt has been removed.
  5. Also whilst waiting, change and / or fill the diesel filter with Turbo Clean Part 3. Introduce any remaining product to the fuel tank of the vehicle.
  6. Remove Turbo Clean Card and let the fluid flow into a tray and prevent residues from touching painted or varnished surfaces. If contact is made with any painted surfaces, wipe down and wash with clean water.
  7. Put the Turbo Clean Tube on Turbo Clean Part 2 and rinse the inside of the turbo and anywhere else in the engine bay that Turbo Clean Part 1 has touched.
  8. Reconnect all turbo parts.
  9. Start the vehicle and test drive. These instructions may be deviated from in order to achieve an efficient cleaning depending on the engine construction and the user’s ability and experience.