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Carbon Clean

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£ 59
Koh Carbon Clean
  • Computer Diagnose

  • HHO Carbon Clean

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Dpf Clean

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£ 79
DPF Stage 1
  • Computer diagnose

  • Dpf computer regenetarion

  • 30 Minutes drive regeneration

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Turbo Clean

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£ 119
Power maxed clean
  • Computer Diangnose

  • Camera Check

  • PowerMaxed Chemical Clean

  • Drive test

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WhatsCarbon Clean build-up

Carbon Clean HHO

Carbon build-up leads to potentially expensive issues such as Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) Valves, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF filters), Turbo issues, inlet manifold also injector problems. These may all be cured by the Engine Carbon Clean service if due to carbonization, and then prevented from recurring by having a regular clean. Engine Carbon Cleaning can benefit vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Suitable for any petrol or diesel engine, the Engine Carbon Cleaning service can benefit vehicles in a variety of ways, from increased power and engine responsiveness through to lower emissions and potential fuel savings.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient carbon clean experience possible. We use the most modern and up-to-date machines and eco friendly chemicals .

We offer a great value price for taxis and uber . From only 39£

Up to 15% discount on fleets and multiple cars . From 3+ cars

Up to 50% discount on fleets and multiple cars . From 10+ cars


How We Work

The ultimate carbon cleaning & DPF Cleaning
car diagnostics carbon clean

We make a full dealer level diagnostic on the car before carbon cleaning / DPF cleaning / turbo cleaning


We make a full dealer level diagnostic on the car after carbon cleaning / DPF cleaning / turbo cleaning


Our Services

Carbon Clean - DPF Clean - DPF Regeneration - Turbo Clean
Carbon Clean

HHO Professional carbon clean for diesel and petrol engines

Dpf Clean Stage 1

Forced DPF regeneration - Computer DPF Regeneration -

Dpf Clean Stage 2

Forced DPF regeneration - Computer DPF Regeneration - Chemical Dpf regeneration

carbon clean machine 2020
Turbo Clean

Power maxed turbo clean

Full dealer level diagnostic and adaptation

Full professional diagnostics and print out all makes of cars and truks .

Motorcycle Towing

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Carbon Clean
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Why Us

We use the newest technology in carbon cleaning services UK manufactured products . All the products we use are eco friendly an safe for environment.

  • Fully Mobile
  • Made in Britain
  • Friendly staff
  • Fully insured
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About our Machines

This is our newest edition the G7!  This is a mighty machine that has substantial power and creates higher hydrogen output than our G6 machine.! Its a good size unit suited for mobile operations and workshops where space is tight. Very light in weight but also a very powerful machine! The new G7 also produces more purer hydrogen thanks to its new cell structure in the tanks along with a super uprated electronics power board that self regulates the power flow. The tanks life spans have drastically been improved. This means that the G7 is capable of doing clean after clean without dropping in performance.


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Tamworth Ultimate Carbon Clean and Dpf solutions
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